Details über den Komponisten:

 Name: Pereira Martinez 
 Vorname: Raimundo 
 Geburtsjahr: 1972 
 Geburtsland: Venezuela 
Raimundo Pereira Martínez born in Caracas in 1972. Studied in his country of origin: Composition, singing, conducting, and traditional Venezuelan stringed instruments. In 1995 he won a scholarship from the Venezuelan government and moved to Rome to continue his studies in the Pontifical Institute for Church Music where he obtained his Degree as Magister of Sacred Composition. His compositions have been performed in various countries. He continues his musical studies specializing in the Renaissance and early Middle Ages. He has made several recordings, participated in radio and television productions, and given concerts in various countries of Asia, America and Europe. He works as a professional choral singer and conductor in Rome. 
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