Composer Details:

 Name: Mazzocchi 
 First Name: Virgilio 
 Year of birth: 22.07.1597 
 Year of death: 03.10.1646 
Virgilio Mazzocchi, (born: Civita Castellana, bap. 22 July 1597; died: there, 3 Oct 1646). Italian composer, brother of Domenico Mazzocchi. A pupil of his brother in Rome, he later held a series of posts there as a maestro di cappella, first at the Chiesa del Gesù and later at St. John Lateran (1628-9) and the Cappella Giulia of St Peter's (from 1629). He wrote various sacred works, some secular vocal pieces and a sacred opera, and collaborated with Marco Marazzoli in the comic opera Chi soffre speri (1639, Rome). Stilistically, Mazzocchi’s sacred music, even keeping a palestrinian counterpoint clearness, is mainly keen to a more sumptuous language, closer to Orazio Benevoli’s stile grosso, in a perfect balance between a cappella and concertante style. 
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2 x Junge Sänger - Alte Zeiten - Schöne Lieder
21 x Tutti li miei penser parlan d'Amore
21 x O Padre nostro
20 x Al sommo d'una porta
20 x Ave Verum Corpus
11 x Ave Verum Corpus
21 x Ave Verum
21 x Übergewicht
10 x May love and laughter
11 x Ave Maria di Betlemme
22 x Daemon Irrepit Callidus
21 x Pentatonic Hallelujah
2 x Dream again
1 x Petrus Et Paulus
1 x Cappella Sistina
1 x La Polifonia della Scuola Romana
2 x Die Musikanten
20 x O Memoriale
2 x Missa brevis
21 x Adoramus te
21 x Am Brunnen vor dem Tore
21 x Aleluya dances
21 x Ännchen von Tharau
21 x Üsküdar
21 x 29. zsoltár - Psalm 29
21 x Thul Tahryung
23 x Allí había una niña
6 x 5 geistliche Motetten op 176
21 x Amazing grace
21 x Am ersten Tag der Woche
21 x In Meeres Mitten
21 x Abend wird es wieder
21 x Das Pferd im Städtchen (V městě Holomúci)
23 x Acqua
21 x Giver of All
21 x O, Take the Lute
21 x Lo scrittore scrive, scrive
21 x O Crux Ave, Spes Unica
21 x Psallite Deo
21 x Blessed Assurance
21 x Ave Maria
21 x Nàiv
21 x Nel mio mondo di fantasia
21 x Angelus Domini
21 x Requiem aeternam
21 x A celtic Blessing of Light
21 x Capriccio
21 x Agnus Dei
2 x Requiem aeternam
21 x Ännchen, mein (Anička, dušička)
21 x From all that dwell below the skies
21 x Ave Maria
21 x Old Mother Earth
21 x Un Segundo dormido
21 x Gloria
21 x Der Puppendoktor
21 x Due madrigali
21 x At our last awakening
22 x Angelus Domini
21 x Il Vento
21 x Sabinianas
21 x Lunfardeando
21 x Cicerenella
11 x Down Low With Finesse
11 x Praise to God Forever
21 x Lunfardeando
21 x La danza della neve
21 x Drei Chorminiaturen op. 180/b
21 x Alleluia
21 x Minestrone di filastrocche
21 x Der einsame Schaukelstuhl
21 x Sicut Cervus Desiderat
2 x La Tempesta sul Lago
20 x Cantate Domino
1 x Magnificat. Lobgesang Mariens
21 x Qué hermoso es
20 x O pulcherrima Virgo
3 x Salvum fac populum tuum_Violoncello
20 x Why do I love You,Sir?
20 x Salvum fac populum tuum
2 x Der Sonnengesang op. 178
20 x Fröhliche Spiele sannen wir aus
20 x Cantate Domino
20 x Io sentia voci
21 x Gloria
21 x The Food Of Love
21 x Iustorum anima
20 x Ave Maria
20 x Io sentia voci
20 x Te lucis ante terminum
11 x Puccini: Vexilla Regis
1 x La Festa della Pace. Sinfonia in G-Dur (1791)
2 x Campane
1 x Missa brevis
10 x Requiem aeternam
1 x Magnificat
1 x La Festa della Pace. Sinfonia in G-Dur (1791)
21 x Das Huhn und der Karpfen
20 x Parce mihi, Domine
20 x Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis
4 x Baptisma Missa "Jubilaei" Haec Dies
1 x Ancilla Domini
1 x Hymnus
20 x Fröhliche Weihnacht überall
20 x Os-justi
20 x Heut kommt der Hans zu mir
20 x O Domine
20 x Multi dicunt
20 x Exsultate Deo
20 x Pentatonic Hallelujah
20 x In dedicatione templi
20 x Puer qui natus est nobis
20 x Potong Padi
20 x Kyrie
20 x Quand la Maries´en
20 x Frühlingszeit
20 x Kucmoch
20 x Kommt, ihr G spielen
20 x Ade zur guten Nacht
20 x Ich hatt ein Täubchen (Já měla holoubka)
20 x Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei
20 x Kyrie
1 x Ad Te Levavi Animam Meam
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