Composer Details:

 Name: Maksimović 
 First Name: Dušan 
 Year of birth: 23.01.1932 
 Year of death: 11.12.2008 
 Country of birth: Serbia 
Maksimovic, Dušan S. born in 1932, January 23, Belgrad, Serbia music educator, conductor, composer, arranger Current positions: retired since 1995 Studies: diploma in music theory at the Music Academy in 1959; diploma in conducting in 1976; masterclass with Kurt Thomas 1963 Career: music teacher in the first Belgrade high school 1961-75; teacher and co-trainer at a ballet school, 1975-95; teacher of choral conducting at the music school Stankovic; member of and later assistant director of the Belgrade University Choir of Branko Krsmanovic 1952-63; director of various choirs such as Ivo Lola Ribar 1963-70, Abrasevic 1972-79, Jovan Bandur 1979-81; third prize in Langollen and in Spittal, Drau; concerts in Kiev, Barcelona, France, Germany, Soviet Union, Spain, Switzerland etc.; co-organized with K. Dobrovolskis the German-Yugoslavian choir weeks in 1969-89, later receiving the German Federal Cross of Merit for such service Works/Publications: wrote music reviews for the newspaper Politika ekspres, 1972-2004; composer and arranger of Serbian folk songs; his work is published by Edition Music Contact 
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25 x Ave Verum
24 x Tutti li miei penser parlan d'Amore
23 x O Padre nostro
24 x Al sommo d'una porta
24 x Ave Verum Corpus
14 x Ave Verum Corpus
1 x Campane
10 x Puccini: Vexilla Regis
1 x Missa brevis
1 x Magnificat
1 x Salvum fac populum tuum_Violoncello
23 x Cicerenella
10 x Requiem aeternam
10 x Ave Maria di Betlemme
20 x Gloria
1 x Baptisma Missa "Jubilaei" Haec Dies
22 x Daemon Irrepit Callidus
21 x Nel mio mondo di fantasia
21 x Qué hermoso es
20 x The warm, soft rhythm
20 x Why do I love You,Sir?
1 x La Polifonia della Scuola Romana
20 x Te lucis ante terminum
20 x Io sentia voci
20 x As the day closes
1 x Old Mother Earth
21 x Lo scrittore scrive, scrive
21 x The Food Of Love
21 x Il gioco della speranza
21 x Pentatonic Hallelujah
20 x Übergewicht
20 x Das Huhn und der Karpfen
20 x Io sentia voci
20 x Cantate Domino
1 x Petrus Et Paulus
20 x Variations on Cinco Lobitos
21 x Strani e strambi
1 x Cappella Sistina
20 x Fröhliche Spiele sannen wir aus
10 x May love and laughter
1 x La Tempesta sul Lago
20 x Only the blue jay
20 x Erster Schnee
20 x Der einsame Schaukelstuhl
20 x Pinocchietto va al Palazzo
20 x Waldkonzerte
20 x Psalm 23
20 x Zwei Flundern aus Flandern
20 x Fips
20 x Hab mei Wage vollgelade
20 x Spazzacamino,spazzacamin
20 x Der Puppendoktor
20 x Angelus Domini
20 x Il Vento
20 x Es waren zwei Königskinder
20 x Ave Maria
20 x La danza della neve
20 x Minestrone di filastrocche
21 x Acqua
20 x Nàiv
20 x Salvum fac populum tuum
20 x Lavabo
5 x 5 geistliche Motetten op 176
20 x Atme in mir, du Heiliger Geist
20 x Amazing grace
20 x In dedicatione templi
20 x Der 43. Psalm
20 x Am ersten Tag der Woche
20 x Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei
20 x Kyrie
20 x Kyrie (TTBB)
20 x Cheste viole
20 x A celtic Blessing of Light
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