Details über den Komponisten:

 Name: Pánczél 
 Vorname: Tamás 
 Geburtsjahr: 1971 
Pánczél, Tamás I was born in 1971, and studied composing /by Emil Petrovics and János Vajda/and violin /by Leila Rásonyi/at the Budapest Academy of Music between 1990-1997. As a student I took part in the Hungarian music days organized at Hamburg “Hochschule für Musik” where I attended lessons of Alfred Schnitke amongst others. I was one of the winners of the Music Academy composing competition in 1995 with my wind quintet. Since finishing my studies I have been working at Dohnányi Orchestra Budafok as a violinist and parallel as a composer. My orchestral work premieres are also significant: Symphony for strings - 1996, Introduction and Passacaglia - 1999 and 2001, Divertimento Concertante - 2003, revision and scoring of a Liszt work „The four elements” - 2004, Klezmer Suite – 2005 completion of Mozart's Requiem – 2006- Concerto for Piano and Orchestra - 2008. Besides these I wrote several chamber, piano and other pieces. My 29th Psalm written for choir a cappella was a compulsory or optional piece at several international choir competitions such as the Choir Olympics in Bremen and Linz, and was printed by the German Music Contact – Werdau. In 2006 I received the Zoltán Kodály scholarship of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture. 
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