Conditions of Use

By placing an order the customer agrees to the following terms of condition.

Terms of payment
Payments have to be made within the deadlines mentioned on the invoices, the
order or invoice number is to be included in the bank transfer. Deduction of cash discount is
not admissible. In case of default the customer has to cover the reminder fees.
Goods ordered, which we have delivered correctly, are non-returnable.
Claims for compensation, no matter which or for what reason, are excluded as long
as we did not cause the damage intentionally or gross negligent.

Right of revocation
The customer may cancel the order in writing (letter, fax,e-mail) or return the goods
without giving reasons within two weeks. The period of two weeks starts after receipt
of this instruction in text form, however, not before the customer has received the
goods and not prior to EMC fulfilling its information obligations pursuant to
art. 312c para. 2 BGB in conjunction with art. 1 para. 1, 2 and 4 BGB-InfoV and
all other obligations pursuant to art. 312e para. 1 clause 1 BGB in conjunction
with art. 3 BGB-InfoV. The deadline shall be deemed observed if the revokation
or the goods are sent back within this period.

The goods have to be returned to the following address:
PH Publishers 
Verleger Internationaler Chormusik
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 36
35415 Pohlheim
fax: +49 (0) 64 03 - 976 1249

Consequences of the revocation
In case of a valid revocation the mutually received goods, services and payments are
to be returned. If you cannot return the recieved goods and services or can return
them only in a reduced quality, you will be liable for compensation of the loss of value.
(In case of surrendered goods a reduction of quality as might be expected if the goods
were physically inspected in a store is acceptable). You can avoid the liability for loss
of value if you treat the goods not like an owner and refrain from any activity that may
reduce the value. The purchaser shall bear the cost and risk of the return, if the
delivered goods conform to the Ordered and if the price of the returned goods an amount
of 40.00 ? not exceeds, or at a higher price the goods at the time of revocation is not
yet delivered. Otherwise, EMC shall bear the cost and risk of the return.
Obligations of reimbursement have to be fulfilled within 14 days. The deadline for the
customer shall commence upon sending back the goods, for EMC upon receipt of the returned
goods in flawless condition.

Excluded from the return are:
- Goods made to customer specifications or clearly customized to the individual needs,
or by reason of their nature not suitable for return.
- Audio or video recordings or software if the supplied disk have been unsealed by the
customer. - Newspapers, magazines and journals.

Shipping and handling expenses
For special shipping methods we will charge the corresponding costs additionally.
In case your order exceeds €250.- we will cover the shipping and handling costs.
Delivery is effected at buyer's risk, in case the goods are damaged in transit please
contact the transport agency directly.

Retention of ownership
The delivered goods remain our property until payment has been submitted in full.
Right to return: In case the return deadline has not been observed or the goods
arrive in damaged condition, we will not accept the returned goods and the customer
has to cover the expenses and pay the goods in full.

Sample copies/ prohibition of copying
Our customers can request reduced or specially marked sample copies of all the
scores in our catalogue.
However, we especially point out, that all the scores published by us are protected by
laws and that any kind of reproducing or copying are strictly forbidden.

Minimum order quantity
Pieces of choral music except for cycles of choral music: 10 exemplars
If your choir have less then 10 members please contact our office directly.
Pieces of instrumental music (EMC No. 5000 and above) are excluded from MOQ.

Discounts and block pricing
More than 20 exemplars: 10% deduction
More than 40 exemplars: 15% deduction
More than 60 exemplars: 20% deduction

Under current law, we are obliged to inform consumers on the existence of the
European Online Dispute Resolution platform that can be used for the settlement of disputes
without a court must be switched on. For setting up the platform, the European Commission is responsible.
You can find the European Online Dispute Resolution platform here:

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21 x Psalm 23
11 x Puccini: Vexilla Regis
3 x La Polifonia della Scuola Romana
23 x Ave Verum
2 x Die Musikanten
1 x Missa brevis
11 x Ave Maria di Betlemme
1 x Magnificat
20 x Qué hermoso es
21 x Al sommo d'una porta
4 x Ad Te Levavi Animam Meam
11 x Requiem aeternam
20 x The Food Of Love
2 x Salvum fac populum tuum_Violoncello
21 x Ave Verum Corpus
20 x Why do I love You,Sir?
20 x Vox dilecti mei
20 x Weinlied
20 x Ninety-Nine Names of God
20 x It´s me, oh Lord
20 x O Emmanuel
20 x O come, all ye faithful - Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen
20 x Variations on Cinco Lobitos
20 x Es ist für uns eine Zeit angekommen
20 x Ein Kind ist uns geboren heut
21 x O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf
21 x Das schöne Frühjahr
20 x Sei uns willkommen
20 x Vier Weihnachtschoräle
20 x O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf
1 x Requiem aeternam
20 x Two Chinese Poems
20 x From all that dwell below the skies
20 x Gloria
21 x Exsultate Iusti
20 x Nel mio mondo di fantasia
21 x Gut Gsell, und du mußt wandern
23 x Exsultate Deo
20 x In Meeres Mitten
20 x Üsküdar
20 x Sicut Cervus Desiderat
21 x Es kam ein Engel hell und klar
21 x Cantate Domino
20 x Ad Invocandum Spiritum Sanctum
20 x Ich hört ein Sichelein rauschen
20 x Lo scrittore scrive, scrive
20 x Three Chinese Poems - How Wonderful
20 x The Flower Song
20 x Thul Tahryung
20 x Salve Regina
20 x Ave Maria
20 x Strani e strambi
20 x Es sungen drei Engel
20 x Der träumende See
20 x Feinsliebchen (Což se mě, má milá)
20 x Es ist für uns eine Zeit angekommen
20 x Ave Maria
20 x Agnus Dei
20 x Ave Maria
20 x Der Eidgenossen Nachtwache
21 x De profundis clamavi
20 x Der Gondelfahrer
20 x En passant par la Lorraine
20 x Child Heart
20 x Feuer im Wind
20 x Aufmunterung zur Freude
10 x Lapidaverunt Stephanum
20 x Only the blue jay
20 x Ave Maria
20 x Ecce sacerdos
20 x Der einsame Schaukelstuhl
20 x Ännchen, mein (Anička, dušička)
20 x 29. zsoltár - Psalm 29
20 x Das Pferd im Städtchen (V městě Holomúci)
20 x The warm, soft rhythm
20 x As the day closes
20 x Due madrigali
20 x Diligite Justitiam
20 x Der Puppendoktor
20 x Adventsstern
20 x Avenging and bright
20 x Capriccio
20 x Die Gedanken sind frei
20 x A cradle song
20 x There Shines a Light Ahead
21 x Magnum nomen Domini
21 x Regina coeli
1 x Hymnus
20 x Dream Land
20 x I want you to be my friend
20 x Regina caeli
20 x Ego sum panis vivus
20 x Ave Maria Praeraphaëlita
20 x Tu es Petrus
20 x Pater Noster
20 x O Domine
1 x Dream again
20 x Lunfardeando
20 x Sabinianas
1 x Baptisma Missa "Jubilaei" Haec Dies
5 x Vox dilecti mei
1 x Cappella Sistina
20 x O Crux Ave, Spes Unica
20 x Allí había una niña
1 x La Tempesta sul Lago
20 x Parce mihi, Domine
20 x Lunfardeando
20 x Un Segundo dormido
20 x O pulcherrima Virgo
21 x Requiem aeternam
20 x Veni-Sancte-Spiritus
20 x Vulnerasti-cor-meum
20 x Lasst uns all nach Hause gehen
20 x Grün wird die Wiese (Zelená se louka)
20 x Agnus Dei
10 x Stille Nacht
20 x Atme in mir, du Heiliger Geist
5 x Missa brevis
20 x Waltzing Matilda
10 x Praise to God Forever
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